Cambodian Television Network (CTN)

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Cambodian Broadcasting Service Co. Ltd


CTN is a nationwide TV station which was launched in March 2003.


CTN is a nationwide TV station which was launched in March 2003. Since then CTN has become the most popular TV station in Cambodia. Its programming consists of entertainment and educational programmes, including news, documentaries, drama, sport and concerts. CTN currently produces 55% of its own programming - the remainder being made up of bought-in dramas and documentaries.


National Road 2 Khumn Prek Ho Srok Takmao Kandal, Cambodia
T: +855 12 999 434
F: +855 12 801 801



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Cambodia’s terrestrial UHF television service, Cambodian Television Network, is shifting acquisitions focus to formats for general entertainment channel, CTN.

At the same time, the station is on the hunt for Indian and Chinese music content for its eight-month old sister channel MYTV, which carries music from major record labels and reality programmes.

Although budgets are flat, more money will be spent on format buys, says CTN’s general manager Glen Felgate.

About 30% of CTN’s overall schedule is local. Genres range from local drama and concerts, to localised game shows, including Endemol’s Deal or No Deal.

CTN buys foreign content from regional and international rights holders and markets, including Korea and China for drama series, U.K. for formats and the U.S. for sports and entertainment. CTN prefers right of first refusal deals.

Prime time traditionally runs from 7pm-9pm, but there are growing viewership trends for the 6pm to 7pm and 9pm to 10pm slots, Felgate says. Viewership is highest on Sundays.

The 6pm-10pm band is made up of mostly drama series (local, Chinese and Korean), sports, game shows and entertainment/music shows.

Programme reruns are usually scheduled daily during three sets of off-peak hours; midnight to 5am, 9am to 11am and 2pm to 4pm.

The station carries approximately 15 minutes of advertising per hour.
CTN’s domestic target audience is between 14 and 35 years old.

A joint venture between pan-European broadcaster Modern Times Group and business conglomerate The Royal Group in Cambodia, CTN also operates an international feed to service the Khmer community living in the U.S., Australia and Canada via DTH TV.

The group’s newest service, the 24-hour youth-oriented MYTV, launched its interactive sms chat application last month. Felgate says this is a first for Cambodia, and will be followed by other applications like song voting and downloads.

The main strategy for the new channel is the continuous addition of participatory programming, Felgate says.

Launched in early January this year, MYTV is a joint venture between The Royal Group and cellphone company Millicom Cambodia. The channel targets the 14-25 demographic.

With the launch of MYTV, Felgate expects to see a more segmented demographic in Cambodia within the next 12 months.

Piracy is an ongoing challenge, although this is improving slowly as the Ministry of Information steps up efforts to push channels to pay for licences.

In Cambodia, CTN and MyTV compete against four free-to-air channels: Apsara Television, Bayon TV, Cambodian Television Channel 9 and TVK. A fifth, the Southeast Asia TV channel, is supposed to be launching this year with an educational remit.

Who’s in charge: MYTV and CTN is lead by general manager Glen Felgate, deputy general manager Pol Vibo and Som Chhaya as well as programme manager Ieng Kimsreng.

ContentAsia Issue 80: August 31-September 13, 2009